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Get a fully custom app to run your business. We provide a wide range of solutions including ERP, CRM, SCM & other advanced tool integration.

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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Solutions Based in Latest Technologies


在HorizonCore经验丰富的企业应用开发专家有能力开发和交付丰富的功能, 健壮且价格合理的企业应用程序,使您的业务能够在当今竞争激烈的业务环境中蓬勃发展.

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence and algorithms based on it, such as machine learning, you can automate any operation you like, get more insightful about Big Data.

Internet of Things

You can better monitor as well streamline your operations, have a more secure infrastructure, and do much more with internet of Things at your disposal.

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality as part of your enterprise solution, you can build 3D prototypes, even hold virtual meetings.

Blockchain Technology

In order to ensure your business data remains secure, the key operations are auto-mated, and more, you can use a private blockchain.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing based enterprise solutions, you can easily add a lot of flexibility, scalability, and connectivity to your business environment.

Higher ROI

Get a better ROI with the enterprise applications that work across any devices.

Quick Application Deployment

We follow Agile - Scrum approach for project management.

Easy Maintenance


Best Services in The Class

We possess vast experience of working with a diversified client-base.

Why Enterprise Application Development At Horizoncore?

We own expertise in building Enterprise Application Services (EAS). HorizonCore提供的企业应用服务在设计上包括了完整的企业应用管理服务组合, Supply Chain Management (SCM), creating, 在企业资源规划(ERP)和客户关系管理(CRM)中安装和管理应用程序.

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Our Enterprise Development Services

As one of the leading Mobile App & Web Application Developers in India, 我们为全球市场上一些最受欢迎和最有影响力的品牌提供服务.

我们的开发团队拥有无与伦比的专业知识,可以为您的移动应用程序需求提供最佳解决方案. 我们的专家团队不仅包括国家最好的编码人员,还包括UI设计师,他们知道如何使应用程序看起来很好,易于理解. We provide expertise oriented services for :

Customer Relationship Management


Enterprise Resource Planning

我们的企业应用程序开发方法对您的业务进行了全面的了解, not just a specific department.

E-Commerce and E-Business Solutions


Supply Chain Management

开发了一个供应链管理系统来管理公司与计划相关的供应链活动, execution, control, collaboration, monitoring and more.

Moblie Enterprise Application Integration

Mobility today is not a luxury but it is a necessity for your enterprise. All our web solutions are built with a mobile first approach.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting


The Stages of Web Development

We use agile scrum methodology & DevOps technique for web development, depending on the type of project.

During this whole process, 我们倾向于保持每一步都清晰透明,以确保他们不会有任何误导的想法. There is always a chance of innovation into the implementation of the concepts. 最终的web应用程序不仅设计良好且安全,而且从发布的第一天起就为业务做好了准备.

Strategic Planning

Business Model Design

Website Designing & Programming

Testing & Troubleshooting

Project Deploy

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Industries we serve

Health Care
Real Estate

Our Recent Works

Weapon depot

武器库拥抱自由在一个全新的口径的在线购买和销售提供更多的选择自由, the freedom to reach more buyers, 买家和卖家有一个开放的沟通渠道,以实现无缝交易的自由.


24Fashion is an initiative of ByBill Media and was founded in 2007. With Directondergoed.你会体验到一种在线购买男女内衣的感觉. Discover the range with many premium brands, all types of boxer shorts such as; briefs, thongs, with pipes and more, so a complete range! 我们认为重要的是,你可以在一个可靠的环境,在一个简单的方式网上订购内衣.

Stoicure Pharmaceuticals

斯图尔制药私人有限公司致力于提供原始品质的医药产品,帮助改善人类的生活方式. Relying substantially on in-depth research and development, Stoicure Pharmaceuticals的目标是提供有助于创造健康环境的重要制药产品. We possess the vigour, 我们的价值观以及为制药行业带来革命性变革的承诺.


Zaccini is the popular brand in the field of undergarments. It has reached across the world. For Zaccini, we developed such a responsive e-commerce website using Magento 2.3.这有助于他们更有效地接触到客户,并使业务蓬勃发展.


Xbress.com is the first website to automate the process of shipping across the globe. 我们为您提供搜索和比较全球超过114家承运人的结果的技术,以便为您的下一个国内或国际运输找到最方便和最具竞争力的费率.

Rosefield Watches

RoseField Watches is the popular brand in the field of Watch & unique fashion accessories. It has reached over the 37 countries across the world. For RoseField we developed such a responsive e-commerce website, which helps them to reach their customers more effectively and bloom the business.

Mozayada SQC

Mozayada采取了深思熟虑的策略和时间表,分三个阶段推出,以支持几种类型的在线拍卖, such as:
- Live auctions
- Auctions are closed sealed
- Direct sale.
以独特的方式为客户提供服务,同时保持信息的机密性, accuracy in work, commitment and professional integrity, 这有助于提高公司的知名度和在竞争对手中的地位.

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Eveything starts with a ‘Hello’!! 凭借Ziro的前期投资,我们致力于为您的商业理念提供坚实的基础. You’II be amazed by working with our experts. If not, the first 7 days are on us.

What Makes Us Stand Out Of The Crowd?

Our Mission

Fully customized designing and development

We transform all your customized needs into a functional event.

Our Mission

Timely completion of the project

We give realistic estimation & always deliver on time.

Our Mission


We provide the best competitive rates in its own class.

Our Mission

SEO friendly websites

Our optimized code will increase the ratings of your application.

Our Mission

Easy to understand UI

The UI/UX design will improve the user experience & conversion ratio.

Client Speak

HorizonCore has the best web & software development team. 我要求很高,我的所有要求都以礼貌和微笑得到满足. I was treated with the utmost respect and I am very pleased with the final outcome. 我无法用言语来感谢他们,但我会真诚地向大家推荐这支才华横溢的团队.

Link metric has found HorizonCore to be perfect partner. 从复杂的网站设计到管理系统,他们总是提供超出我们期望的服务. After using many outsourced operations, 当我们最终找到一家值得信赖的公司时,我们非常高兴.

我们非常高兴有像HorizonCore这样的伙伴作为我们的海上开发合作伙伴. During our relationship, HorizonCore has developed a good understanding of our own vision and flow of work. They have pro-actively solved the issues impacting businesses.

澳门体育赌博十大平台是ActiveCare Online迄今为止最好的IT体验之一. We are impressed with all the perspectives. We are so proud to work with Indian IT company which is so passionate, enthusiastic, punctual and humble.

他们以我在IT行业所见过的最优惠的价格提供卓越的品质. I have been very pleased with their work to date and highly recommend them. Thanks for a good job. I really appreciate the way you carried out the web solution for us.

We are in the business of import-export institute management. When we were in Maninagar, we met HCIPL head in the year 2010 and he proposed me a site development plan. From that day all our IT operations are being handled by HorizonCore. 最近,我们用响应式布局改造了我们的研究所管理系统,这比我们想要的要多!

We were using desktop system since long but due to technical advancement, 我们需要将其升级为基于web的,这样我们就可以在云上管理我们所有的细节. I had a meeting with HCIPL project leader, he impressed me with his progressive plan and we agreed to work on it. We are getting over whelming response of our staff about new system.

与这家公司合作真的很愉快,我们一直对他们提供的解决方案感到满意,因为他们的员工非常支持,总是愿意倾听. We also feel that they understood our needs as an independent identity.

Eli & Debby

CEO, Soap Splash INC. USA.

Lewis Kite

MD, Link Metric. London.

Nick Illston

Founder, Pacemedia. UK.

Mr. Omm Patel

Owner, ActiveCare Online. U.K.

Arjun Thandi

Founder, Evucan. UK.

Mr. Dipak Sudhir

Director, iiiEM. India.

Mr. Krushabh Patel

Director, Liberty Group. India.

Mr. Sharad Patel

Director, ESSPEE ERP System. India.

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